Matsuo Appointed Edwardsport IGCC Steel Structure Contractor
26 Dec 2008

Matsuo was awarded Edwardsport IGCC contract from Bechtel. It is in Knox County, Indiana USA. The main work scope covers from the main and miscellaneous steel structure. The formal commencement will be in March 2010. It was the third project Matsuo cooperated with Bechtel.                 
Edwardsport IGCC power plant is a 630-megawatt IGCC facility which will be one of the cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power plants in the world. It will emit less sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates than the plant it replaces – while providing more than 10 times the power of the existing plant.

About IGCC
Integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants are believed to be the type of power plants that will predominately be used to add to our electrical power supply, replace our aging coal power plants and out increasingly expensive natural gas power plants. The process offers options to eliminate greenhouse gases, produce hydrogen and/or produce liquid fuels.
The process used by IGCC plants can be broken down into five broad steps: the coal is gasified to produce a synthetic gas (syngas) and the pollutants are removed from the syngas, then electricity is generated using a combined cycle, consisting of the following three steps: a gas turbine-generator burns the syngas heat from the gasification and the exhaust heat from the gas turbine are used to create steam the steam is used to power a steam turbine-generator.
The potential for carbon dioxide sequestration makes IGCC technology even more appealing and environmentally responsible.

About Bechtel
Bechtel is a global engineering, construction, and project management company with more than a century of experience on complex projects in challenging locations. Privately owned with headquarters in San Francisco, we have 40 offices around the world and 42,500 employees. Bechtel had revenues of US$27 billion in 2007, and booked new work valued at US$34.1 billion.