Power Plant
Power plant is the most significant part. Shanghai Matsuo has finished lots of important projects including Moerdijk Project in Netherlands, Neurath Project, currently Lunen CFB power plant in Germany and Edwardsport IGCC in USA.
Petrochemical is within Shanghai Matsuo’s work scope. Up to now, Shanghai Matsuo has finished Texas Motiva Refinery project in USA and AGD II Refinery project in UAE.
Other steel structure that Shanghai Matsuo could fabricate includes stadium steel structure, airport building, mining plant, Fence, Derrick, pipe bridge, lift tower etc.
Shanghai Matsuo has won great experience by cooperating with Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Kawasaki Heavy in High Furnace projects.
Shanghai Matsuo has its typical expertise in fabricating Bridge steel structure. Many famous steel structures have been finished including Japan Akashi Straight Bridge, Vietnam Railway Bridge and Shanghai Expo Garden Bridge.
High-rise building
Shanghai Matsuo has finished building steel structures including Shiba Sanchome Building, Roppongi Hiruzu Building