European Trip to AEE and Lunen Power Station

The three from Shanghai Matsuo paid a five day return visit to the customer (AE&E) in Austria and Germany for project discussion in the middle of December 2009.


Based on past fine cooperation in more than ten projects, Shanghai Matsuo, AE&E Austria and AE&E Inova had a nice conference before Christmas Day, reviewing past experience, exchanging opinions about current projects and expecting more cooperation in future with deep trust.


The couples had dropped by the project owner of Lunen power station and visited the on-going site construction of steel structures which was fabricated by Shanghai Matsuo. The EPC Contractor and Owner both apprized that the quality level of steel structure for such a large-scale thermal power boiler made by Shanghai Matsuo is higher than average production level of Germany manufactures. Because of successful operation of Lunen project, the Owner and EPC Contractor hoped to visit Shanghai Matsuo in early 2010, discussing cooperation for new projects.


At the same time, the steel structure for a similar power station near Lunen has to be removed after setting up. According to the Owner of Lunen, the structure produced by another Chinese supplier was found serious quality problems and must be removed, and the local media has paid more attention to expose. Now the Chinese steel fabricator will face a large claim and this case had an adverse impact on Chinese overall image of suppliers in Germany.


After this Europe trip, we deeply appreciate the “Quality is the last word”. To win the trust of customers, we must provide excellent products and first-class service.